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The QR Code that enhances the value of your products and services.

Dynamic QR codes make it easy for users to find all the information. Customers, employees, or passersby can quickly and easily use your products and services. The possibilities are endless.

Afbeelding van een dynamische QR-code met multilinks.

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Don't miss out on customers any longer, use dynamic QR codes.

There's an increasing amount of information you need and want to share. Don't let anything hold you back. By using dynamic QR codes, you can transition your customers from offline to online. Only in this way can you let customers experience your products and services at their best. Here are a few examples:


“A great platform to work on, and good communication with the team behind the scenes makes QR Link a very pleasant partner.”

Sander Fixe

Don't hold back any longer, start today.


Start by determining which QR solution is suitable for you.


Design in your own style and download in the format you need.


Track the usage of your QR codes in your dashboard and adjust QR codes for better performance.

QR Link's promises to you:

  1. You no longer have to worry about mistakes. If a QR code stops working, you can easily modify it in your own QR Link environment. 
  2. Shift more customers from offline to online. QR codes enable direct interaction with your audience. Everyone is familiar with QR codes nowadays. 
  3. Adjusting QR codes is straightforward. With QR Link, you have complete control over where the user is directed, and you can change the link indefinitely. 
  4. You'll save on printing costs and be more sustainable. Don't waste paper - and money - on printouts with outdated QR codes. Our QR codes can be endlessly modified, even after they've been printed. 
  5. You won't miss out on customers anymore. By providing more information, people will derive greater value from your products and services. 
  6. You'll gain valuable insights. See how often and when your QR codes are scanned.
  • QR Link's Service:
    Need customization? Assistance in implementing your corporate identity? Want to use our print service? Have additional requests? Let us know, because we too are constantly evolving. We were the first to introduce QR multi-links, and we aim to maintain a leading position in the market. Your feedback helps us improve and expand our platform.

Let yourself be inspired by our customers.

You shouldn't feel held back. We understand that, and we care not just about QR codes, but also about you. That's why, among others, these companies trust QR Link.


Our dynamic QR codes are the perfect solution for your QR projects.

At QR Link, we understand you want to be customer-focused. To achieve that, you need to share additional information with the users of your product or service.

The challenge is that there's an increasing amount of information about your products and services. We believe it can be simpler. You shouldn't feel held back.


“... Collaborating with QR Link is definitely recommended. The staff are flexible and customer-oriented; everything is possible!”

Aniek Kijk in de Vegte
International Business Development Manager
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